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Assistant Editor Marjorie Stein is a poet living and working in Santa Rosa, Calif. Her work has appeared in The Denver Quarterly, New American Writing, VOLT, zaum, Phoebe, Poetry Motel, Pavement Saw Press, and other publications. AN ATLAS OF LOST CAUSES, her first book, is forthcoming from Kelsey Street Press.

Assistant Editor Paula Koneazny lives in Sebastopol, Calif., with numerous rosebushes and four cameras. She has degrees in Political Science and English and earns her living as a tax consultant. Her poetry and reviews have appeared in such journals as Bateau, Aufgabe, Pool, New American Writing, OR, VOLT, Interim, Verse, American Book Review, Tarpaulin Sky, and Rain Taxi. Her chapbook, THE YEAR I WAS ALIVE, is available from dpress.

After graduating from Sonoma State University with an English degree, Production Editor Steve Galbreath began working in journalism, writing music reviews and a weekly opinion column for a daily newspaper. In his self-published work THE SEA WILL TAKE ITS SHIPS, Galbreath collected his poetry and short prose into a single volume. He is currently composing music, a novel, and the visual side of VOLT from his home in Santa Barbara, Calif.
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