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VOLT was created on an unusually sunny afternoon in San Francisco in 1991. VOLT was originally published by Pacific Film and Literary Association, a non-profit organization registered in California. VOLT is now housed at Sonoma State University. Contributions to the magazine are welcome and fully tax-deductible.

Innovative in design and content, VOLT publishes a range of adventurous writing. The magazine's size (8 1/2" by 14") offers a larger space than usual for an individual poem. Often, work utilizing white space and typography can be found in VOLT.

Founded and edited by Gillian Conoley, VOLT appears every fall. Each issue includes cover art, frequently by such artists as Joan Mitchell, Hawley Hussey, Jo Whaley, and Stephen Curry. Contributors have included Lyn Hejinian, Harryette Mullen, Norma Cole, Barbara Guest, Yusef Komunyakaa, Leslie Scalapino, and Charles Simic, among many others. VOLT has received many awards and honors, including several Pushcart Prize Anthology selections, a Fund for Poetry grant, and several selections for the annual anthology, The Best American Poetry (Scribners).

VOLT is produced with the help of Assistant Editors, Paula Koneazny, and Marjorie Stein, while its continuing design innovations and page layout are created by Production Editor Steve Galbreath.

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